Haley Borchers is a young up-and-coming artist who lives and works in Northern California.

Haley’s passion for art became evident at an early age.  While in kindergarten, her teacher struggled with keeping her on task because her focus on drawing was so strong.  If she ran out of paper, she’d just resort to drawing on her fingers, hands, arms or body.  It’s crazy, but true!

Haley couldn’t deny that her talent of art was evident and started focusing on it even in highschool. After years of high school art classes and experimentation with various mediums, she found herself drawn to painting and ceramics.  Her high school ceramics teacher entered two of her ceramics pieces in the

California State Fair where she won Best of Show for both pieces.

After further study at Sierra College, she began taking ceramics classes at Academy of Art University in San Francisco where, although just a freshman, her ceramics pieces earned the right to be displayed in competitions along with the work of junior and senior class students.  She also did a study abroad art program in Paris, France with Sierra College where she was able to study the great artists of the past. Such as Rodin, Leonardo Devinchi, Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, etc. This experience taught Haley that each of these artists were different then people in society, and it was ok to own your difference. 

Over the years, Haley’s style of painting evolved to where it is today…pop art mixed with some occasional abstract and surreal elements.

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